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Terms and conditions

The client agrees that in signing this agreement they have read and understood the contents of this agreement and that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with this document.

If there is anything in this agreement you do not understand, prior to the commencement of the inspection, you must contact Ithaca Building & Pest Inspections by telephone or in person and request an explanation to clarify the matter to your satisfaction. Your failure to do so, means that you have read this agreement and do fully understand the contents of this agreement.

Ithaca Building & Pest Inspections will perform the inspection and provide a report requested by the client in accordance with this agreement. The client agrees to pay for the inspection on receiving the report via email.

NOTE: Additional inspection requirements requested by the client may incur additional expenses in regard to the cost of the inspection. These costs are provided in writing and confirmed by the client prior to the work is carried out.

Scope Of The Inspection & Report

The purpose of the inspection is to provide a general assessment to a prospective purchaser or seller regarding the condition of the property at the date and time of the inspection. When confirming the inspection, the client agrees that the inspection will be carried out in accordance with the following clauses, which define the scope and limitations of the inspection and the report.

1. The inspection shall comprise a visual assessment of the property within 30 metres of the building and within the site boundaries including fences.

2. Dependent on safety and accessibility the inspection will normally report on the condition of each of the following areas: the interior, the exterior, the roof exterior, the roof void and the subfloor. Areas not inspected are noted on the report. Additionally, the inspection does not cover any part of the building located beneath the ground surface, e.g., sewer, storm water drains, footings etc.

Accessible areas are defined in the below table (as per AS 4349.1-2007)

AreaAccess holeCrawl spaceHeight
Roof interior400mm x 500mm600mm x 600mmAccessible from a 3.6m ladder placed on the ground.
Roof exterior

Accessible from a 3.6m ladder placed on the ground.

3. The inspector will report on major defects and safety hazard(s) which may be evident and visible on the date and time of the inspection. The report will also provide a general assessment of the property and comment on minor defects which form part of the property maintenance. Where a major defect has been identified, the inspector may provide an opinion regarding the defect and or any rectification that may be required.

4. The inspection can only comment with regard to the general visible condition of electrical wiring and / or plumbing. It is suggested a licensed trades-person be contacted where concerns have been raised by the inspector.

5. The inspection does not look for timber pest activity. The inspector does not provide any advice on timber pest management. However, the structural time and finishing timber of the house are thoroughly inspected for building defects and during the process if timber pest activity is found the information will be reported. The inspector does not hold the appropriate licence for this class of work. However, any visual evidence or no evidence will be noted in the report with the suggestion of recommending the client contact an appropriate licensed pest controller for a full report.

6. No inspection for asbestos will be carried out at the property and the report does not outline the presence or absence of asbestos. If however, in the course of the inspection the inspector notices or believes to identify materials containing asbestos, this will be noted in the report. If asbestos is noted in the report, it is suggested that the client follow up with a qualified licenced asbestos removal expert.

7. No inspection for lead paint will be carried out at the property and the report does not outline the presence or absence of lead paint. It is recommended the client contact a qualified painting contractor who can perform a lead test.

8. The inspection does not assess the operation of all appliances, spa pumps, pool equipment etc. The inspection report briefly outlines concerns and or issues non-structural items such as carpets, vinyl floors coverings etc. These are matters are of the clients’ consideration.

9. The inspection excludes the inside of walls, between floors, inside skillion roofing, inside the eaves, behind stored goods in cupboards, and other areas that are concealed or obstructed. The inspector will not dig, gouge, force or perform any other invasive procedures.

10. The inspection will not involve any invasive inspection including cutting, breaking apart, dismantling, removing or moving objects including but not limited to, roofing wall and ceiling sheeting, ducting, foliage, mouldings, debris, roof insulation, sarking, sisalation, floor or wall coverings, siding, fixture, floors, pavers, furnishings, appliances or personal possessions.

11. No item or furniture or fixtures will be removed, moved or modified during the inspection and items and conditions covered by such furnishings and fixtures are not assessed or considered.

The report is not a certificate of compliance that the property complies with the requirements of any Act, regulation, ordinance, local law or by-law, or as a warranty of an insurance policy against problems developing with the building in the future.

As an essential business, Ithaca Building & Pest Inspections remain open for business during COVID lockdowns and operate a COVID safe plan to protect our customers and staff.