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Thermal Imaging Pest Management Brisbane

Innovative Thermal Technology is a powerful diagnostic technique. It will show you potential problems in your property long before they become serious.

Ithaca, a leading Brisbane pest control company, uses thermal imaging an advanced technology that helps in pest and termite inspection. Pest and termites have been a major problem in Brisbane, as they are nationally and even across the globe. A great challenge is that for the pest and termites, breeding occurs at a rapid pace. In addition, it is not easy finding pest hiding and breeding places. Therefore, they can quickly spread across the indoor and outdoor areas. This can cause severe damage to your commercial or residential properties.

Using Innovative Thermal Technology imaging technology, Ithaca pest Control Company in Brisbane has excelled in commercial and residential pest control. We use thermal imaging technology during a pre-purchase inspection. Using thermal imaging for termite inspection during the pre-purchase and the handover inspection, we are able to advise our clients on the best pest management approach.

Innovative Thermal Technology imaging has been effective for Brisbane’s commercial pest control and residential pest control in Brisbane. Therefore, to protect your property from termites and other pests that can destroy your items, contact Ithaca for buildings inspection Brisbane. The faults we can detect

Thermal imaging can detect a range of faults. They include:

  • Electrical faults
  • Missing insulation
  • Energy loss Dampness (rising/salt)
  • Leaks from showers, pipes, and roofs
  • Incoming moisture
  • Missing or damaged wall framing
  • We can even detect pests like termites using thermal imaging.

Innovative Thermal Technology imaging is good insurance

Your property is often your most valuable asset. With thermography, we can detect minor faults before they turn into big problems. It is better to detect and fix moisture that’s getting in before it turns into a major defect.

Prevention is always better than cure. No matter whether you are living in, or purchasing, your property, having a thermal imaging inspection can detect unseen defects before they become a problem.

Our professional pest control experts will use the thermal imaging pest inspection technology to identify pest infestation and perform a pest and termite protection. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the best technology is used to identify the pest hiding places and to effectively control pests.

How Does Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection Service Work?

To understand how thermal imaging aids pest management, let us examine how it is effectively used.

The pest control technology uses the modern and advanced camera with thermal imaging capability. The thermal imaging cameras will aid the detection of all the areas of thermal inconsistencies as well as moisture. These cameras help to reveal heat from small creatures like mice, rats, and other pests. The technology effectively gives clues on areas that are infected with pests. Thermal imaging technology is also used for locating missing insulation in cavities on walls. Pest control experts will then perform a detailed investigation of those areas.

Small rodents love to nest on areas covered with wall insulations. Often, rodents will carve out tunnels in the wall cavities making it hard for naked eyes to see these creatures. Using the thermal imaging cameras, Ithaca building inspections will locate an area where rodents revealing their nesting places have removed the insulation from the wall interior.

The gaps found on the rodents nesting places on walls and other cavities create air pockets making the temperatures on the wall surface to change. This creates a contrasting color pallet on the thermal image. Therefore, looking at the thermal images our experts are able to tell the areas where insulation has been removed by the pests and termites.

Thermal imaging technology is effective in controlling pests. The technology has been proven effective for:

  • Quick identification of the pest hiding places in wall cavities and other voids that are invisible using the human eyes.
  • Identification of the nocturnal rodent activity hence discovering rodent playing places
  • Can be used at night for termite inspections hence minimal disruption for businesses

For commercial clients, pest control does not have to feel disruptive to your usual business activities. Using thermal imaging technology, experts can easily unravel the pest hiding places at night after the business hours. Pest control will be done at night and minimal to zero disruptions on your business normal operations.

What are the advantages of using Thermal Imaging for pest control?

Having understood how thermal imaging pest inspection Brisbane works, let us have a look at some of the advantages of this technology for pest control.

– Helps detect pest in places where the human eye cannot
Innovative Thermal Technology imaging makes it possible to see pest and detect pest-hiding places that would be difficult to do using human eyes. With the ability to scan wall cavities, this technology has been used for a termite inspection in places where the naked human eye cannot.

– Helps in Pest Detection without Leaving Damages
A thermal imaging pest inspection is a non-intrusive and invasive technology and pest-infested areas can be detected without causing damage to the building. Therefore, you do not have to remove your expensive wooden patio or ceiling for termite detection. This makes it a cost-effective pest management technology since no repair costs will be incurred. It is, therefore, the recommended pest detection technology for pre-purchase inspection Brisbane. When termite is detected, Ithaca building inspections will apply effective termite barriers, Brisbane. This provides termite protection to your property without having to demolish some parts to detect the termites or other pests.

Thermal Imaging is an Eco-Friendly Pest Control Technique
The thermal imaging cameras emit no radiations although they are designed for identifying infrared radiations. This makes the technology eco-friendly and effective for use on exterior surfaces and underneath trees. The technology can be used for termite inspection even outdoors.

– It’s a Highly Effective Pest Management Technology
The thermal imaging equipment is used to effectively detect pest-hiding places. Pest control experts at Ithaca will point the thermal imaging device on any surface when performing termite inspection or pest inspection during the pre-purchase inspection. The devices will automatically detect any temperature fluctuations on any surface. It is an effective technology for detecting a pest infestation problem before it has erupted into a calamity.

Are you looking for the best pest control and pest management solution, contact Ithaca pest Inspections Company for the best technology. We make use of innovative pest management technology helping commercial and residential clients to effectively eradicate the pest problem.

Thermal imaging pest control technology is an eco-friendly technique. At Ithaca pest management solutions in Brisbane, we employ qualified pest control experts. Therefore, contact us for pest inspections. The technology works best during the pre-purchase inspection. We shall give you an inclusive report revealing all pest-hiding places. Contact our specialist today for the best pest control solutions in Brisbane.

Your inspection can take place on the most convenient day of the week for you. In most cases, you will have your report within 24 hours of your call. Book your inspection now

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