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At Ithaca building inspections, we offer pool inspection in Brisbane. Our Certified pool inspectors will issue a comprehensive report on any issues to do with the swimming pool. From the safety, issues to compliance we shall work with our clients to ensure standard pools are constructed. This is done in accordance with the Pool safety standards as outlined by the Queensland Government.

As pool inspectors, our main role will be to inspect the pool and advice the homeowners and commercial clients on what needs to be done in order to comply with swimming pool safety standards. Upon completing the pool inspection in accordance with the Queensland Development Code, we shall issue a compliance certificate.

In case the pool does not conform to the standards, we shall include in the report the reasons why we found the pool incompliant. The detailed report is supposed to guide you as the client on what needs to be done for the pool to be certified as compliant.

Ithaca Buildings Inspection offers Brisbane pool inspection at a reasonable fee. Our prices are pocket-friendly and we ensure we deliver value for money. The fee paid caters for the actual inspection and the comprehensive report together with photographs that are meant to explain non-compliance and the tasks that need to be done in order to comply. Therefore, we guarantee you value for money when you hire us for pool inspection.

If your pool is found to be non-compliant, talk to the pool constructors for the changes requested to be implemented. After the changes have been done, we shall do the after changes pool inspection and certify your swimming pool.

Who Needs the Pool Inspection Services?

The short-term accommodation providers in Brisbane are required to have the swimming pool inspection done. This includes the boarding houses, hotels, hostels, motels, as well as the caravan parks and accommodation for the elderly operating in Brisbane area. Property sellers are also required to have the swimming pool inspected for safety and compliance.

The swimming pool inspection regulation covers different types of swimming pools. It is expected that these swimming pools should undergo the inspection so that they can assess the compliance with the safety standards. The swimming pools that require the certification include:

  • The indoor pools,
  • Outdoor pools
  • Pools that were constructed before the pool inspection act was enacted
  • Pools constructed after the pool inspection law was passed.

By having the pool inspected and certified, it shows that you support the pool safety and it is also a humanitarian approach showing others that you are committed to ensuring children are safe when they are accessing the swimming pools.

Stop Cases of Children Drowning in Swimming Pools

To avoid the cases of children drowning in the swimming pool, it is necessary that the swimming pool owners consult qualified Brisbane swimming pool inspectors. As illustrated above. The pool inspection and safety certificate is a humanitarian approach that is meant to ensure no cases of drowning.

Why Should Pool Inspection be taken as a Serious Business?

Pool inspection Brisbane should be taken as a serious requirement. This is at least for the owners of property who are willing to enter into any form of contacts with potential buyers or tenants. In addition, those offering accommodation agreements like hostels, motels, and hotels, should contact certified Brisbane pool inspectors.

The law also expects the owners of such establishments and properties to have the pool safety certificate when transacting. If the pool has not been certified as compliant, it is expected that the developer should avail the none compliance notification to the other party who is interested in purchasing the property.

What Are Some of the Compliance Areas for the Swimming Pools?

For owners of the public or private pools, you are expected to make sure that your swimming pool has undergone a thorough inspection. The pool inspection should be done in accordance with the pool inspection and safety standards laws for swimming pools. Brisbane pool inspections cover various areas in the compliance assessment.

  • The Neighboring Vegetation and any Tree Branches: pool owners are expected to make sure there is no climbable zone existing between the vegetation and the fence of the pool. In the case of overhanging branches, they are expected to be eliminated.
  • A dividing Fence: in case a boundary fence is part of the swimming pool barrier, it needs to be at least 1800 millimeters high. In addition, the boundary fence is required to have a non-climbable zone that is compliant with the law. If the boundary fence that is part of the swimming pool barrier is lower than 1800 millimeters, then the pool owner needs to ensure a non-climbable zone is located on the outside of the fence.
  • Swimming pool fencing gates and latches: from the ground level, the pool fence needs to measure at least 1200 millimeters. In addition, from the bottom of the swimming pool, the distance to the ground should not measure more than 100 millimeters. The gates on the swimming pool need to self-latch and self-close and should not open towards the pool.
  • A None-Climbable Zone: the Brisbane pool inspections experts will inspect the non-climbable zone to see if it is compliant with the safety standards that require a span of 900 millimeters around the pool barrier.
  • A cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Sign: the CPR sign needs to be there in accordance with the Brisbane pool inspections. This pool needs to be displayed near the swimming pool and in a conscious position that must contain helpful information to use in an event of an emergency.

Ithaca building inspections cover pool inspection in Brisbane in accordance with the safety standards. Contact us today for the best rates on pool inspections in Brisbane. We are a licensed pool inspection company in Brisbane. Following the Brisbane pool inspection by our qualified experts, we shall issue a compliance certificate if the pool meets the standards. Otherwise, we shall issue you a report showing the possible shortfalls and what to do to comply.

Contact us today for the best rates on Brisbane pool inspections.

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Ithaca building and pest inspections are honest and trustworthy. Also, a pleasure to deal with, the Ithaca team was very knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose the issue of termites and suggest a sentricon bait system to solve the problem with their competitive pricing. Their professional team looked after me very well, I have not had a problem ever since. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and I will recommend all my family and friends to go to Ithaca building and pest inspections to save thousands on your property.

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Thanks a lot for the great professional service. Their service is convenient, reliable, efficient, thorough and always on time. All their staff are super friendly. Will be using again if we need to. Strongly recommended!

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I would highly recommend Ithaca to anyone looking for the best building and pest inspection company in Brisbane.

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Amazing work by the team here at Ithaca!
Thank you so much for making our commercial inspection and finding the solution in first go it was a struggle to find someone as professional and time efficient!! Highly recommended as it’s hard to find best team like Ithaca!!😃

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When you get your building inspected, one of the most crucial things to know is if there are there are any timber pests in the building.
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Ithaca inspectors are qualified pest inspectors and controllers. They look for signs of any pests such as termites that may have infested your building.

Ithaca Building and Pest Inspections specialises in pest management as well. Once you receive the report on the findings our pest division will assist our clients to get the recommended pest management service. We provide our clients a warranty once the chosen method of pest management is done so you can be re-assured that your property is well protected against termites.

Combining your building inspection with a pest inspection, you get the most comprehensive report available.


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