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Pest infestation is a serious issue of concern for commercial and residential clients. If you are struggling with the pest menace in your residential or commercial building, our pest management Brisbane experts can help you. At Ithaca building inspection Brisbane, we offer the best pest management solutions. Using a safe and effective pest management technique, we shall help our clients to overcome the pest challenge.

For effective pest control, we recommend that you contact our experts at the pre-purchase stage. When you are purchasing a residential or commercial building, a pre-purchase inspection is also a perfect time to undertake pest control. One of the crucial things to be done at this stage will be checking the building to ascertain whether there is a pest infestation. Our experienced pest control staff will use the best equipment to check whether there could be any pests. Ithaca pest management experts have the required qualification and experience and will inspect your property for pest infestation. In case of any signs of the pest, best Brisbane pest sprays will be used to evict the pest. We shall also advise our clients on the best pest management techniques. We shall also help to make sure that your premise is protected from termites.

For pest inspection, we use thermal imaging technology to detect pest hiding places. Thermal imaging is a high-tech approach to pest control. The method uses the thermal camera to detect pest activity or termite activity. Thermal imaging pest detection is done using a non-invasive and non-destructive camera easing the process of detecting these unwanted creatures. Using 21st-century equipment and technology, we have been able to effectively eliminate the pest and termites in residential properties and commercial establishments.

Pest Management
Pest Management
Pest Management
Pest Management
Pest Management
Pest Management

Residential Pest Management
Pest is constantly looking for a way to invade residential homes. When they do, the damage can be so serious that it requires experts to handle the problem. We know that pest can carry serious diseases that they can infest the pets or even children. Some people experience pest allergies and it is difficulty staying in a homestead that is pest infested.

Trusted by homeowners around Brisbane, Ithaca building inspections are the best Brisbane residential pest control company. For decades, we have been providing our clients with effective solutions for the pests that invade their residential homes. Team of professionals from Ithaca pest control Brisbane has excelled when it comes to termite inspection and termite protection. Using best termite barriers Brisbane and Brisbane pest sprays, we offer effective pest control for homeowners ensuring a pest-free home. In addition, using the best termite barriers Brisbane we are able to control termites infestation right from the pre-purchase inspection stage.

You know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore, contact us for a pre-purchase inspection to make sure your residence is protected from pest infestation and from termites. Contact our qualified residential pest management Brisbane team.

Commercial Pest Management Brisbane
Pests have resulted in huge losses incurred by Brisbane business entrepreneurs. In some instances, customers have been reportedly heard swearing never to go back certain shops that have had serious pest infestation issue. It is also known that termites are a serious problem for businesses.

Luckily, Ithaca pest management experts have always been there to assist businesses to deal with the serious problem of pest and termites. With decades of experience, whether it is rodents, pest birds or termites, contact us for commercial pest management. If you are planning to purchase a commercial dwelling, contact us for a pre-purchase inspection. Our team shall scan the building for pest infestation identifying the hiding places and using the pest repellants to ensure hiding pest are gone.

So, Why Hire Ithaca Pest Management Experts in Brisbane?
Here are some good reasons why we are the best pest management experts in Brisbane.

Your Best Pre-Purchase Pest Management company
Pest management is an undertaking that needs to begin right at the time of purchasing a property. This is to make sure that proper termite protection has been done. Therefore, for commercial or residential property contact Ithaca pest management Brisbane. Through the innovative termite barriers techniques, we shall guarantee you best protection from termites. We also provide our clients with a warranty once our professionals complete pest management. Take advantage of our cutting-edge pest management controls today by inviting us to the pre-purchase inspection. Remember that while getting the building inspected for structural defects and finishing, it is crucial that it is inspected for any termites and pests that could be hiding in the building. During the occupancy of the premises, getting rid of the pests and the termites might be much more involving and costs you more money.

Enjoy Professional Pest Management from Qualified Experts
We have ensured compliance with the Australia pest control standards. In addition, we have licensed pest management professionals in Brisbane. This makes us stand out from the rest. Therefore, when looking for Brisbane pest control and management experts, we are the best.

Fast and Effective Pest Management in Brisbane
Do not let pests and termites make it hard for you to live in a house you have invested a huge amount to purchase. Instead, contact the pest management team that guarantees you the best results. At Ithaca pest Control Company, we offer our clients the best results using effective pest management techniques that work within a short period.

Call us today to enjoy the best pest management pricing. We assure our customer’s value for money when it comes to pest management. This is through well skilled and experienced residential and commercial pest management experts.

Your inspection can take place on the most convenient day of the week for you. In most cases you will have your report within 24 hours of your call. Book your inspection now

Customer experience

Our happy clients write to us about our quality services.

Ithaca building and pest inspections are honest and trustworthy. Also, a pleasure to deal with, the Ithaca team was very knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose the issue of termites and suggest a sentricon bait system to solve the problem with their competitive pricing. Their professional team looked after me very well, I have not had a problem ever since. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and I will recommend all my family and friends to go to Ithaca building and pest inspections to save thousands on your property.

Oksana Nesterenko

Thanks a lot for the great professional service. Their service is convenient, reliable, efficient, thorough and always on time. All their staff are super friendly. Will be using again if we need to. Strongly recommended!

Olga Kurekhina

I have used Ithaca services recently. Ithaca team is very good and helpful. The team is dedicated to work.
I would highly recommend Ithaca to anyone looking for the best building and pest inspection company in Brisbane.

mamatha reddy

Amazing work by the team here at Ithaca!
Thank you so much for making our commercial inspection and finding the solution in first go it was a struggle to find someone as professional and time efficient!! Highly recommended as it’s hard to find best team like Ithaca!!😃

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Pest Inspection You Deserve
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When you get your building inspected, one of the most crucial things to know is if there are there are any timber pests in the building.
Building Inspection Brisbane

Ithaca inspectors are qualified pest inspectors and controllers. They look for signs of any pests such as termites that may have infested your building.

Ithaca Building and Pest Inspections specialises in pest management as well. Once you receive the report on the findings our pest division will assist our clients to get the recommended pest management service. We provide our clients a warranty once the chosen method of pest management is done so you can be re-assured that your property is well protected against termites.

Combining your building inspection with a pest inspection, you get the most comprehensive report available.


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