Pest InspectionsHow often do you need to have a pool inspection done?

February 27, 2020by David Arnold

The rules and regulations regarding pools can often be confusing. How often do I need to have a pool inspection done? Do you need a pool safety certificate? Is my pool registered?

To answer the first question, you only need a pool inspection when you are after a pool safety certificate; and you only need a pool safety certificate when you a selling or renting out your property. The safety certificate is valid for 2 years. However, if you are renting out the property, you will need to obtain a pool safety certificate every time a new tenant moves in.

To obtain a safety certificate you will need to have a licenced pool inspector come to site to inspect the pool and to make sure it is compliant with all current Queensland regulations. If the pool is not compliant, you will have 90 days from the issuing of the pool report to rectify any non-compliant issues and obtain the pool safety certificate.

You can also sell your property with a pool safety certificate. However, you must provide the buyer with a Form 36-notice of pool safety certificate prior to entering a contract of sale and you must send a completed copy of the form to QBCC before settlement. The buyer will then have 90 days from settlement to obtain the pool safety certificate.

All residential pools in Queensland must be registered with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, better known as the QBCC. It is easy to check if you pool is registered, just visit the QBCC Website, open the property search directory, enter your address and follow the prompts. There is no cost to register your pool, however failure to do so could result in a fine.

So, if you are selling, or renting out your property and you need a pool safety certificate, do not hesitate to give a friendly staff a call to organise a pool inspection.

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