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The handover inspection is also called a quality control inspection and is for brand new dwellings. The inspection takes up to two hours and the inspector will sticker any defects that they find throughout the property. You will receive a report that includes photos of these stickered defects that you can send to your builder, so they can rectify these defects. Once the rectification works have been done we come back to site to re-inspect and issue an amended report for your records.
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The Handover Inspections report takes place before the buyer of a brand-new property takes possession of the new investment. A property handover inspection is done as a quality control procedure after the building work has been completed. It is an important report especially when you are moving into your built home or when purchasing a ready house. Building inspections Brisbane will support you when you need the handover report for the brand new residential property or commercial property.

The final stage in the construction of a new building is often the most important stage for the property buyer. When you want to purchase a brand new house, it is important that you work with a qualified Brisbane presale inspector. This allows the aspiring property owner to be certain that the building conforms to the quality control standards. Therefore, before asking for the keys to the new property, let experienced Brisbane building inspector’s handover the inspection report to you.

How long does Handover Inspections Report Take to Prepare?

The Brisbane inspections company will take a couple of hours for a comprehensive handover inspection report to be ready. Therefore, you do not have to wait for days when you hire qualified building inspections Brisbane Company.

In case of any major defects, building inspectors Brisbane will stick the defects on the report. This becomes easier for the property owner to send a change request to the contractor. When the building contractor or the property owner has made the rectifications, Brisbane inspectors will come back to the site to re-inspect the property. An amended report will be submitted to the property buyer.

Why Would Brisbane Property Investors Worry about the Handover Inspections Report?

You might be wondering why property buyers would need to work with the Brisbane property inspectors for the handover inspection report. Can’t the property buyer do it alone?

Hire the best building inspectors in Brisbane and enjoy these among other benefits.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When Purchasing a Property or Moving into a completed Property:
When buying a property, you want to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. For this to come true, you need a handover inspection report from experienced building inspectors in Brisbane. Only the best in the market can be able to look out for what you expect in the new property. Do not just trust the other companies who are often unqualified to do this important handover inspection report. Work with the best and enjoy a peace of mind when buying a brand new property.

With Trusted Experience, Building Inspections Brisbane Will Protect your Interests:
With years of experience in completing the handover inspection report, you are assured that you are working with someone who cares for your interests. New property owners trust a building inspections company that has been in the industry for years and always want to work with the best. Therefore, you can trust the experience vested in our building inspectors for your brand new Brisbane property.

As an Independent Party, Building Inspectors Will Identify Defects and Incomplete Areas:
The Building inspectors Brisbane will work as an independent party during the property inspection exercise. Therefore, nothing will be compromised when the final report will be compiled. You will get a clear guide on the areas that appear incomplete from the experts. In addition, any defects will be uncovered allowing you to liaise with the property contractor. Better still, you can talk to the property seller who will make sure that these defects are fixed. Hire the Brisbane inspections company for a clean report on the property that you are planning to purchase.

Get a Complete Handover Inspection Report within Few Hours:
In some circumstances, you want to receive the handover inspection report within a limited period. This is especially when you are on leave just for the transaction. A qualified building inspection expert in Brisbane will meet your expectations within a short notice. For the urgent cases, you get your inspection report within a few hours. If you are not available, the pre-purchase inspection Brisbane Company will liaise with your appointed real estate agent and complete the building inspection on a timely basis. During the inspection, a verbal report will also be available for the client if they are on site.

Brisbane Building Inspections Company Leaves no Stones Unturned:
The interest of our experienced property inspectors Brisbane is inclined to the client. The company will make sure that all rooms are inspected thoroughly. This also includes sundry structures. The thorough inspection list covers fine details that other inspectors in Brisbane will not be concerned about. This ensures that our clients enjoy good value for the money spent on the inspection of the building. Our experts will undertake the exercise with the utmost care to make sure you are a happy customer.

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Building Inspection in Brisbane:
Book for the handover inspection online today and enjoy a hassle-free inspection from trusted and experienced building inspectors in Brisbane. For your pre-purchase inspection, you will not have to fill countless hard copies. The report will also contain images of the defects making it easy to read and understand report. In addition, if you are onsite, we shall offer you a verbal report and follow it with a written copy for you to talk to the contractor. Therefore, you get to enjoy a convenient handover inspection working with the leaders in building inspection Brisbane.

The experts at Ithaca building inspections will assist you when you are buying a property. We offer you high-class building inspection ensuring that you invest in projects that are worthy of your money. All the reports are sent to the clients within 24 hours after the building inspection has been completed. In addition, we shall include clear illustrations on the Brisbane building handover inspection report. Contact www.ithacabuildinginspections.com.au today for a detailed building inspection report at a reasonable price.

Your Handover Inspections can take place on the most convenient day of the week for you. In most cases you will have your report within 24 hours of your call. Book your inspection now

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Our happy clients write to us about our quality services.

Ithaca building and pest inspections are honest and trustworthy. Also, a pleasure to deal with, the Ithaca team was very knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose the issue of termites and suggest a sentricon bait system to solve the problem with their competitive pricing. Their professional team looked after me very well, I have not had a problem ever since. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and I will recommend all my family and friends to go to Ithaca building and pest inspections to save thousands on your property.

Oksana Nesterenko

Thanks a lot for the great professional service. Their service is convenient, reliable, efficient, thorough and always on time. All their staff are super friendly. Will be using again if we need to. Strongly recommended!

Olga Kurekhina

I have used Ithaca services recently. Ithaca team is very good and helpful. The team is dedicated to work.
I would highly recommend Ithaca to anyone looking for the best building and pest inspection company in Brisbane.

mamatha reddy

Amazing work by the team here at Ithaca!
Thank you so much for making our commercial inspection and finding the solution in first go it was a struggle to find someone as professional and time efficient!! Highly recommended as it’s hard to find best team like Ithaca!!😃

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Building Inspection Brisbane
Building Inspection Brisbane
Building Inspection Brisbane
Building Inspection Brisbane
Building Inspection Brisbane
Building Inspection Brisbane

Pest Inspection You Deserve
at Brisbane

When you get your building inspected, one of the most crucial things to know is if there are there are any timber pests in the building.
Building Inspection Brisbane

Ithaca inspectors are qualified pest inspectors and controllers. They look for signs of any pests such as termites that may have infested your building.

Ithaca Building and Pest Inspections specialises in pest management as well. Once you receive the report on the findings our pest division will assist our clients to get the recommended pest management service. We provide our clients a warranty once the chosen method of pest management is done so you can be re-assured that your property is well protected against termites.

Combining your building inspection with a pest inspection, you get the most comprehensive report available.


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