blogWhat is a handover inspection?

February 27, 2020by David Arnold

A handover inspection is an inspection done for a brand-new property. What this means, is the builder has finished all stages of the build and the property is now ready to be handed over to the new owners. However, before this is done it is recommended that a handover inspection is done so you can be sure all works have been completed to a high standard.

With a handover inspection, an inspector will go to the site and inspect the property. They will sticker and photograph any defects that they come across and these defects are then noted in a report. Defects can be as minor as the property being left untidy and paintwork incomplete to major structural defects including cracks in the brickwork and moisture damage.

After you receive the initial report, you can go back to the builder and ask that the defects noted on the report be rectified. When the defects have been rectified by the builder, the inspector will go back to the site to re-inspect and confirm that the defects have been rectified and all works have been completed to a high standard. This allows you to move into your brand new dwelling without the added stress of incomplete building works.

Home inspectors will help to approximate the age of all the major systems in a property. This helps you to estimate how much you will need in the replacement cost of the property. Remember that not all the components in a property might last to the lifetime of the property. Therefore, you need to have a rough estimate on how soon you will be required to pay for repairs.

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