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Are you looking for the best Brisbane commercial pest control company? Our experienced team at Ithaca building inspections in Brisbane will help you to get rid of pests in a fast and effective approach. Our commercial peat control experts have the skills and experience needed to help you get rid of pests and termites. Equipped with the best pest control supplies, we know how to control creepy crawlies, rodents, and termites that destroy your wooden structures. For several years, we have helped commercial clients in Brisbane using the latest pest management technique.

Ithaca pest control Brisbane offers pre-purchase inspection to ascertain that you are investing in a property that will not end up being a hiding place for pests. We are compliant with the AS 4349.3-2010 standards regarding pest control in Brisbane. In addition, at Ithaca pest control we are licensed having complied with all the regulations required to do business in Brisbane. Therefore, for an effective commercial pest control solution, you can come to us. We shall make sure that your commercial office is safe from pests and timber destroying termites. It doesn’t stop at the inspection, though. After the inspection, your pest control professional will give you a set of recommendations, both orally and in writing.

Whether it’s sealing cracks to keep pests out or a treatment for a full-blown termite infestation, it pays to follow these suggestions to rid your home of pests and keep them out for good. Do what Brisbane businesses and homeowners in the know do. use only the best quality products. All our chemical treatments are approved under Australian Standards so you can be confident of a safe and quality outcome

  • Entertainment: Leagues & RSL clubs, function centers, shopping centers, amusement parks, cinemas, theatres.
  • Community: religious buildings & centers (including churches, synagogues, mosques
  • Sporting Industry: gyms, indoor/outdoor centers, stadiums, sports clubs (golf, rowing & bowling clubs).
  • Manufacturing: all factories, from steel to plastic, timber & food.
  • Storage Facilities: warehouses, car parks, garages.
  • Educational Institutes: private/public schools, colleges, childcare, training centers.
  • Food Industry: restaurants, cafes, pubs, bakeries, import/export divisions & distribution, supermarkets.
  • Health Care: medical centers, hospitals, temples, parks/reserves, nursing homes/retirement villages.
  • Public Service: police stations, emergency centers, council works, government buildings.
  • Real Estate: strata & property management work, construction & development sites.
  • Other: banks, offices, airports, transportation, etc.
  • Accommodation: 5-star hotels, motels, travel lodges.
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By choosing the best Brisbane commercial pest control company, you are assured that we shall take care of the pest menace in your business. Here is our commitment to our commercial pest control clients.

Pest control Brisbane requires a high level of experience and skill to be able to eliminate the issue. That is why at Ithaca we have invested in attracting the best staff for pest control at the commercial establishments. Our highly skilled commercial pest control experts understand where the pests like to hide and how to get rid of the pest. When it comes to termite inspection, we have the most efficient team for the job. We conduct a thorough termite inspection at your premises and apply for the best termite protection. This guards your property against termite infestation for years, thanks to the experience and high-level skill of our staff.

Thorough Pre-Purchase pest assessment
We recommend that you combine the pre-purchase building inspection with commercial pest inspection to get a comprehensive report. By performing a thorough one-time inspection at the pre-purchase stage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your premise is termite and pest free. At Ithaca pest control services Brisbane, you are assured the inspection will be done thoroughly leaving no stone unturned. Our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection will come with a pest management plan. Using our best Brisbane pest spray and termite protection we shall manage the pest issue effectively.

We Shall come up with a custom pest control solution
Depending on the current situation, we will come up with effective customized pest control and management approach. Our experienced and skilled pest management technicians work creatively digging deep down to the cause of the pest menace and make sure that the problem is alleviated. Not only shall we use Brisbane pest spray, but also we shall also advise you on the best commercial pest control approach.

Compliance With the Standards and Guidelines on Pest Control approaches
Our team is always conscious of the guiding standards and guidelines when it comes to service delivery. When there is a new regulation, we are keen to follow it to make sure that we are within the law. We are a licensed Brisbane commercial pest control company and committed to following the pest control guidelines to the latter. We employ technicians who are experienced having worked for years in the industry. Before hiring, we always vet them to ensure your peace of mind.

Why choose the Best Commercial Pest Control Services?
There are different reasons why commercial pest control services are worthy of your money. This is especially at the pre-purchase stage and annual inspections to get rid of termites and pests. Here are some of the reasons why commercial establishments need to invest in commercial pest control services in Brisbane.

Pest Can Lead to Losses
For commercial establishments, the pest is a threat, especially to your merchandise. You do not want rodents to destroy your investments. This is because pest infestation can result in a huge loss to your business. Therefore, hiring a commercial pest control company will protect your business against losses brought about by pests.

To Maintain Hygiene Standards at Your Business Premises
Customers do not want to come to a pest infested premises when seeking services or buying products. Therefore, it is important that as a business owner you hire the best commercial pest control Brisbane. No one would want to eat in a restaurant that is infested with rodents or other pests. To maintain the hygiene standards in your business premises, you will want to hire the best Brisbane commercial pest control services provider. Ithaca commercial pest control is your best choice.

To Protect your Investment
Termites will destroy wooden structures including wooden doors and the doorframe. In addition, termites will destroy the wooden roofing structure. Commercial pest control and termite protection services Brisbane will help you to deal with the issue of termites through annual termite inspection; we shall detect termites and advice on the best termite management approach. We use the best termite barriers Brisbane making sure that the problem of termite infestation will no longer be an issue. This is the best approach for protecting your business against the wood destroyers.

If you are struggling with the pest problem in your business premises, Brisbane commercial pest control experts will help you. For decades, our experienced staffs have offered an outstanding service for businesses around Brisbane. Over the years, we have gathered a wide experience required to enable us to eradicate the pest issue in your business. We are a trusted commercial pest control company. Contact us today for cost-effective commercial pest control.

Your inspection can take place on the most convenient day of the week for you. In most cases you will have your report within 24 hours of your call. Book your inspection now

Customer experience

Our happy clients write to us about our quality services.

Ithaca building and pest inspections are honest and trustworthy. Also, a pleasure to deal with, the Ithaca team was very knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose the issue of termites and suggest a sentricon bait system to solve the problem with their competitive pricing. Their professional team looked after me very well, I have not had a problem ever since. Dave has a wealth of knowledge and I will recommend all my family and friends to go to Ithaca building and pest inspections to save thousands on your property.

Oksana Nesterenko

Thanks a lot for the great professional service. Their service is convenient, reliable, efficient, thorough and always on time. All their staff are super friendly. Will be using again if we need to. Strongly recommended!

Olga Kurekhina

I have used Ithaca services recently. Ithaca team is very good and helpful. The team is dedicated to work.
I would highly recommend Ithaca to anyone looking for the best building and pest inspection company in Brisbane.

mamatha reddy

Amazing work by the team here at Ithaca!
Thank you so much for making our commercial inspection and finding the solution in first go it was a struggle to find someone as professional and time efficient!! Highly recommended as it’s hard to find best team like Ithaca!!😃

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Pest Inspection You Deserve
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When you get your building inspected, one of the most crucial things to know is if there are there are any timber pests in the building.
Building Inspection Brisbane

Ithaca inspectors are qualified pest inspectors and controllers. They look for signs of any pests such as termites that may have infested your building.

Ithaca Building and Pest Inspections specialises in pest management as well. Once you receive the report on the findings our pest division will assist our clients to get the recommended pest management service. We provide our clients a warranty once the chosen method of pest management is done so you can be re-assured that your property is well protected against termites.

Combining your building inspection with a pest inspection, you get the most comprehensive report available.


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