Pest InspectionsAre annual termite inspections really necessary?

February 27, 2020by David Arnold

You purchased your property 12 months ago and you get a call stating your property is due for its annual termite inspection. So, what do you do? You haven’t seen any termite activity since you purchased the property, and you really doubt, in the short time you’ve lived there, the property would be infested with termites. So, you say thanks, but no thanks. Or Thank you and I’ll think about it and you never get around to having the inspection done.

So, was that the right thing to do? Well I can tell you, no. Though some properties are protected by termite preventative systems and newer dwellings have psychical barriers installed, it does not stop the sneaky pest from gaining access to your home. The Australian standard is that a termite inspection be carried out at a minimum of every 12 months.

Termites tend to be tenacious creatures and they have two purposes in their lives, eating and reproducing. The wood in your home is a good source of food and if they can find a way to get to it, they will. It can be simple things that allow them access into your home, a wooden fence may bridge the gap between the ground and the barrier. Or an ant cap missing from the stumps holding up your house and voilà without even knowing it you know have provided termites with a perfect food source.

So how do you avoid it? Having a termite preventative system installed is a good start. It is part of the warranty for every termite system in Australia that an annual termite inspection must be carried out. If you don’t have a termite barrier in place, and don’t want the cost of installing a barrier, then an annual termite inspection is imperative, to ensure you property is protected in the best way it can be.

What does a annual termite inspection involve?

The annual termite inspection is a visual inspection. It involves the technician reviewing all areas of your property. All external areas (including the fence and grounds) and of course internal areas of your property will be inspected. As the technician inspects your property he is taking notes and photos of your property that may be susceptible to termite invasion. At the end of the inspection a report will be sent to our office for editing. When payment has been received the report will be sent through to you.

What happens if the inspection reveals termite activity?

Firstly, do not disturb the termites. This is very important.  Do not be tempted to get out the Mortein and spray them. If you disturb the termites, they will become alarmed and retreat to their nest. This will mean the technician will not be able to identify the type of termite and they might not be able to detect them in other areas of your property. If termites are found, we can treat them for you and provide advice on protecting your property in the future.

If termites are not found during the inspection that is great news but do not be fooled into thinking that termites will never be tempted to consume your property. The report will point out areas that are conducive to termite activity. This will further safe guard your property from termite attack.

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