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Annual Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection are insects known to be very social and will eat none stop. Did you know that globally, there are over 2000 known termite species? If these harmful insects infest a property, this can result in serious damage on properties.

Annual termite inspection helps homeowners and commercial property owners to save billions of dollars. If not attended to, termites will destroy residential and commercial properties.

At Ithaca building inspections Brisbane, we conduct pre-purchase termite inspection for our clients. In addition, we recommend the best termite protection technology. Using the latest advanced technologies, we are able to detect termites.

Almost every home in Brisbane is at the risk of termite’s infestation. Luckily, Ithaca building inspections will help in eradication of the termites. Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Termites monitoring: this is through the use of unobtrusive termite bait stations placed around the property perimeter and will detect the termite’s activity.
  • Use of Chemical barriers to Hinder Termites: this includes an effective termite liquid chemical. It is sprayed under the concrete flooring and around the property perimeter fence.
  • Physical Termite Barriers: this is applied right at the time of constructing the building. The physical barriers have been designed to stop the termites from entering the structure.
  • Termite Reticulation System: this uses underground pipes that are designed to distribute the termites control chemical. The method is applied around the building and effectively controls the termites.

Done annually, termite inspection helps in controlling these insects before they multiply. It is a cost effect termite protection approach that we recommend for homeowners and those planning to purchase a new property.

Termites will chew through wooden structures including the wooden ceiling and wooden floors. If left unnoticed, the insects leave severe damage. Known to destroy silently, the termites have become a serious threat in Brisbane. They will consume moist and dry wood and even fabrics in your home or commercial property.

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Why is Annual Termite Inspection in Brisbane Important?

Termites remain active all year round. They will chew throughout leaving their wood-like droppings around the areas where they nest. When you see the wood-like droppings around your property, this tells you are dealing with termites.

However, in some instances, the termites will live in some hidden corners making it difficult to detect them. For instance, they could be eating the roofing structure without coming out on the outer side of the roof. If not noticed for a lengthy period, they leave serious damage to the property. In some incidents, roofing structures have collapsed after termites went undetected by the property owners.

Ithaca Building Inspection will help in Terminating the Termite Problem in Brisbane

Therefore, through annual termite inspection, our pest management Brisbane team will advise on what to do to eradicate the harmful insects. Using advanced termite protection, we shall ensure the property is safe from termites for the coming year.

On the side of caution, it is recommended that you request for pre-purchase termite inspection services. Termites could be eating on the wooden structures of a building that is still in construction. Therefore, do not take chances when purchasing a property. Contact qualified termite inspection company, Brisbane, to check out if these insects are already eating on your building.

A highly qualified technical team will help in the annual termite inspection Brisbane. In addition, it is necessary you ensure you are hiring a company that has a track of record in termite detection and prevention. Ithaca Termite Inspection Company is your leading Brisbane pest control company with eight years of experience in helping clients on termites’ eradication.

Using cutting-edge technology and staffed with smart termite control experts, we shall detect the termite hiding places. Our termite inspection staff will report on the best approach for treating termite’s infestation. We use thermal imaging technology for pest and termites detection. Working with our clients, we have been able to eliminate these harmful insects.

It is believed that termites can be more harmful than a house fire. Considered the number one threat on structures, the termites will soon leave you homeless. In addition, they can eat on your property leaving you in losses. To avoid the devastating experience, contact Ithaca for Brisbane building inspections. Apart from the detection of the faulty structures, we shall also help with termite inspection advising you on an early remedy.

What is the Cost of Annual Termite Inspection?

Annual termite inspection in Brisbane does not cost as much as you might think. For commercial and residential annual termite inspection, we shall offer you a reasonable quote. At Ithaca pest control solutions, we are the cheapest and most effective termite inspection Brisbane Company. Using a state of the art technology, we shall help homeowners and owners of commercial properties to detect the termites at an early stage. Using the best termite barriers Brisbane, we effectively offer guaranteed annual termite protection. Call us today for an estimate on annual termite inspection.

Why Hire Ithaca Building Inspections for Annual Termite Inspection?

There is more than one reason why Brisbane residents and Businesses believe in us for the annual termite inspection.

Experienced and Skilled Termite Inspection Staff
Our employees boost years of experience in termite inspection. In addition, we only hire staffs that are knowledgeable on insect’s behavior to help with the termite inspection and termite protection exercises.

Advanced Equipment for Termite Detection
Our experienced termite inspection staff has the most advanced equipment for the termite inspection. We use thermal imaging cameras to detect termite hiding places. Do not trust unequipped companies with a termite inspection. Eventually, this might result in losses because the hiding creatures will slowly chew on your wooden structures leaving a severe mess.

A fast and efficient termite inspection
With the best staff coupled with advanced technology, we are able to detect termite infestation in a fast approach. This allows us to begin termite treatment and termite protection around the property soonest possible. Therefore, we are able to make sure that you get rid of the termite infestation efficiently.

What Next After the Annual Termite Inspection

After the annual termite inspection, we shall issue a comprehensive report. Our thermal imaging cameras will be able to detect the areas that are infested with termites and we advise the client on what to do. Following termite detection, we shall treat the infested property ensuring the issue of termites is gone forever. After the termite treatment has been done, we use the best termite barriers, Brisbane, to ensure full termite protection on your property. This saves you from massive losses that could result if the dangerous insects are left to chew on your property.

Call Ithaca building inspection for the best annual termite inspection. We have the best termite control solutions in Brisbane. With years of experience and employing experienced staff, we shall make sure your property is termites free. Call us today for an estimate on annual termite inspection.

Your inspection can take place on the most convenient day of the week for you. In most cases you will have your report within 24 hours of your call. Book your inspection now

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When you get your building inspected, one of the most crucial things to know is if there are there are any timber pests in the building.
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Ithaca inspectors are qualified pest inspectors and controllers. They look for signs of any pests such as termites that may have infested your building.

Ithaca Building and Pest Inspections specialises in pest management as well. Once you receive the report on the findings our pest division will assist our clients to get the recommended pest management service. We provide our clients a warranty once the chosen method of pest management is done so you can be re-assured that your property is well protected against termites.

Combining your building inspection with a pest inspection, you get the most comprehensive report available.


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